Virtual Videographer

Virtual Videographer

This allows us to film: 

  • Interviews 

  • Presentations 

  • Updates and Announcements 

  • Video series in up-to 4K quality 

This is more versatile than Zoom or any online recording service and delivers professional videographer quality recordings for your video and podcast requirements. Leverage our remote videographer talent and technology with Virtual Videographer for your next project.

Virtual Videographer, Your Solution, Your Time

Get fast and affordable filming to get high quality footage; anywhere, anytime. Capture up to 4k resolution with just a phone! Your Videographer team is just a click away.

  • The Director has the same control as an in-person Videographer, giving them the ability to adjust color temperature, exposure, and focus.
  • Set-up is easy, can be as simple as a ring light and microphone.