Please contact William Duncan (, Jenni Glaze (, Nicole Crabtree ( to learn about how your company can be featured on the UST Education Solutions Center.

UST Education Solutions Center is a platform that allows UST Education companies to showcase their products and services to UST Ed members.

Logging In

If you are trying to claim your company listing, you must use the username that UST Education has associated with your organization. Contact Jen Glaze, Sr. Director, Business Dev & Ops ( ), William Duncan ( if you are unsure which e-mail is associated.

Click on the “Forgot Password?” link below the password field on the login page, then enter your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail prompting you to reset your password.

Setting Up My Company Page

Item Limit
Number of videos allowed to upload and manage 10
Maximum size of any one video 500 Megabytes
Number of pictures allowed to upload and manage 20
Maximum size of any one picture file 10 MB
Number of PDF documents allowed to upload and manage 20
Maximum size of any one PDF file 20 MB
Number of CTA buttons to manage with custom URL landing pages 5

Yes, you can reorder the photos, CTA buttons, downloads, and videos within those sections on your page by clicking the “Reorder” button while you are editing your company page, and then dragging and dropping them to the order you would like to see.

Your company’s CTA buttons can say anything that you would like. However, simple CTAs that can be easily executed are recommended. For example, “Schedule a Call” could take a user to a calendar link to schedule a consultation.

Only UST Education events are listed in this section. UST Education controls this feature. Events your organization is attending will be added automatically when UST Education updates their events.

Currently, you cannot change the order of the categories on your page.

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