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U.S. Transactions Corp. is the trusted name in merchant services (credit card and eCheck payment processing) serving B2B enterprises (including Fortune 500 companies), government contractors, and Associations/Nonprofits since 2009. UST is different than any other merchant service provider (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX processing) including the large banks because we specialize only in B2B/Wholesale clients (strictly no retail stores or restaurants). Our clients save an average of 25% in credit card processing fees immediately within the first month of service. 100% of our clients are assigned a single point of contact which guarantees that every client is served by someone who knows your business. We eliminate the 1-800 customer service call center “jungle” for our clients. Over the last 10 years, we have a client retention rate of over 90%.  Our results [financial outcome and service commitment] are 100% guaranteed.   

Demo: UST Pay for Business Central

USTPay gives Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users more options. UST Pay is the only solution that gives you the freedom to choose from over 120+ payment gateways and processors. Our integration is already built into D365/BC and tokenizes credit card data to store within D365/BC to keep your organization secure. This PCI Compliant solution helps you to reduce processing fees as much as 30% through Visa/MasterCard compliant Level-3 data.

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