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Association Analytics Logo

Association Analytics

Association Analytics is the leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics for association professionals. They’re a team of passionate people who love data and love helping associations discover insights and take action on their data. That’s what drove them to create Acumen, a data analytics platform built exclusively for associations, to bring all your data together in one place. With hundreds of pre-built integrations into the most-commonly used association tech systems, Acumen gives you a 360-degree view of your members, eliminates manual reporting and helps you become a more data-informed organization.    

Cleartone Consulting Logo

Cleartone Consulting

Non-profit 501c organizations have unique organizational objectives, challenges, and cultures. Yet they share the same increasing critical cybersecurity risks as all commercial entities. Cybersecurity assessment costs are soaring and can range between $30K-$50K from corporate-focused security firms. They also only provide a single point in time view of an organizations risks and no ongoing project support for implementing security controls that address the gaps. 501CISO provides cost-effective, expert cybersecurity leadership to the nonprofit organization and association, understanding their unique needs and challenges, and provides them with a full range of security leadership and ongoing monthly project support to improve their security position.  

HighRoad Solutions Logo

HighRoad Solutions

HighRoad Solutions equips associations with marketing automation platforms, robust integrations across multiple data sources, and expert marketing services to grow their digital footprint, and ultimately, their business.   There’s no doubt the association landscape has shifted. Organizations need persona-driven segmentation strategies, tighter engagement journeys, and concerted growth efforts more than ever before. It’s no longer enough just to communicate with your members and your community. Without a bridge between multiple data sources or the transparency to help marketers see beyond the data veil, associations will never have the complete data picture to drive their growth and engagement strategies.   We’re proud to provide platform-agnostic integration software that makes journey-based, goal-tied marketing and communications possible with platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Adestra, MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Multiview Logo


Motivated by their partners' success, Multiview has dedicated 20 years to providing high-quality digital media solutions to the B2B industry. As a leading digital publisher and marketing company, Multiview unites buyers and sellers to accelerate their growth through the B2B Marketplace. By leveraging their vast network and first-party data on over 10 million B2B professionals across 30 industries, Multiview delivers highly targeted advertisements to unique market segments, resulting in millions of additional revenue for their partners. Multiview is proud to work alongside 1,200 associations and 12,000 clients to help them turn their goals into reality, because at Multiview: Your Aspiration Is Our Inspiration.  For more information on Multiview, its association partnerships, or our products please visit  www.multiview.com. 

US Transactions Corporation Logo

US Transactions Corporation

U.S. Transactions Corp. is the trusted name in merchant services (credit card and eCheck payment processing) serving B2B enterprises (including Fortune 500 companies), government contractors, and Associations/Nonprofits since 2009. UST is different than any other merchant service provider (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX processing) including the large banks because we specialize only in B2B/Wholesale clients (strictly no retail stores or restaurants). Our clients save an average of 25% in credit card processing fees immediately within the first month of service. 100% of our clients are assigned a single point of contact which guarantees that every client is served by someone who knows your business. We eliminate the 1-800 customer service call center “jungle” for our clients. Over the last 10 years, we have a client retention rate of over 90%.  Our results [financial outcome and service commitment] are 100% guaranteed.   

WorkerBee.TV Logo


At WorkerBee.TV, we believe the future of association marketing is educational, engaging and inspiring content that your members actually want to watch.  We create Association Solutions designed to Unlock your Potential.  We dramatically improve engagement which drives the success of your association's retention, recruitment, and revenue. Our engagement model enhances your associations' relevance to today's - and tomorrow's - members. We help associations affordably leverage the power of video through a branded online platform for multimedia, learning management systems, partner servicing, virtual and hybrid events, and more. We can make your association's multimedia content programming more Profitable, Purposeful, and Predictable. Visit our website to learn more.

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